Customer-oriented, serving the young, dynamic, friendly and successful team Losmedia growing day by day as we provide our customers with the secret of our success is the continuous value and support. Growing every day in the internet sector investment in innovation and continuous self-improvement rampant in our company, to provide you perfect. We serve with our experts on issues that separated us from the line all the requests and problems we are working on the principle of providing one stop solution. Always at the forefront of quality, reliability and continuity is a reflection to you of our company. Design, development and information network in order to further expand the team in a new structure, adds innovation to the system each day to create a different world for you.

What We Do?

Web applications
Which was developed by us with administration panel which you can manage smoothly and the extent of your wishes by interfering with any content.

Desktop applications
Emerging internet technologies confronts us websites that replace desktop programs. However, although the quality of a web application, in some cases it may be insufficient. We solve like this problems with desktop softwares when you need.

Mobile games and applications
Since the 3G mobile technologies gave us opportunity such as access the internet from anywhere. Even via mobile phones, we ealisy access to social networks or other systems which broadcast on the internet. According to your wishes, we provide hybrid or native mobile applications on time and in a good quality.

Integration with Facebook and other social networks
We do integration of your website or your company for growing social networks.